The Reimers

First Year with Rosie 


United States, Minnesota

 I'm Madi, a mama of Rosie Golden who is just over a year old. Growing up, I’ve never dreamed much of being a parent, so this season has been wrapped up in a lot of emotions. But all in all, I feel so at home with my Rosie girl and love the world we are fostering and creating for her. I hope to continue to learn as time goes on and trust that she will be her fullest self.

What is your personal parenting philosophy?

I want to unlearn what I’ve grown up with and at the same time, take back the things that were good. Some people just do the opposite of whatever their parents did (or do exactly what their parents did) but I hope that I am able to release my personal desires and grow with Rosie and her needs.

What is your personal style when it comes to picking out items for your children (be it for the nursery, clothing or baby accessories)?

I love anything that is neutral but with a pop of colour or personality. My main motivator for choosing items is finding pieces that are sustainably or ethically made. Materials and fabrics are so important and that takes precedence in my choices.

What colour palette (for Rosie) do you find yourself leaning towards?

I’m really inspired by Southern California golden hour colours like peach, orange, yellow and blue. Ro tends to wear lots of those tones mixed in with creams and oatmeals. We live in Minnesota however, so those colours are a bit muted during this wintery time of year.


What Soft Spot items do you incorporate into your day-to-day parenting with baby Rosie?

We love the cutie Soft Petal Bibs!! When she’s eating a smoothie on the go, or teething, they are just perfect for catching the little messes so nothing gets on her clothes. I also love Soft Squares. I always have one in my purse too for on the go spills. And of course, the bed sheets are so cosy. We love all of the soft spot colours.

What are some things that you are cherishing at this stage of parenthood and why?

Cherishing the difficult moments with calming breaths and songs to bring peace into the atmosphere. We are all learning and growing so much!





What do you love about Soft Spot?

They’re simple pieces that last, and are the perfect colours! I love how they fit so perfectly into Rosie’s quirky cute style.



What we picked:

Soft Tea Towels - Bento

Soft Squares - Complete Set

Soft Bibs - Petal Bloom

Soft Quilt Blanket - Butternut