The Khans

First Soft Spot

Hi! I’m Hannah, and I’m a Mom of two boys: 2 year old Issei and 2 month old Reo!

How do you typically spend your weekends?

Weekends are extremely precious to us. We do our best to maximise it by going for family outings. As the kids mainly stay home/indoors during the week (Issei will be heading to pre-school soon!) we find it’s important to bring them out for fresh air, and to expand on their social interactions and awareness.

We tend to pick places with wide open spaces, especially for our toddler who loves to roam around and explore. Time in nature is really important for our family. If the weather’s cosy, we’ll find some fun indoors by going to places like the Art Science Museum, or having playdates!


What was your first Soft Spot purchase?

Soft Sheet in Cloud and the Garden Soft Squares! I had to dig up my very first invoice to confirm, hahaha. Our home is filled with so many Soft Spot(s)!


What is your personal style when it comes to picking out items for your children?

We live in a small 2BR apartment with very limited storage, so the things we buy and own would have to earn their spot in the house! I tend to reach out to items that are classic and fun-ctional. They have to be things that can be used and enjoyed for a long time, whether it be for our place or when we pass it on for a new lease of life.

What colour palette (for your children) do you find yourself leaning towards?

I gravitate towards warm, gender-neutral colours: shades of white, green and yellow. But I do love getting unexpected colours as well — we have no qualms about putting them in pinks and purples! I personally think the colours complement their skin tone really well. We encourage and want to cultivate open-mindedness, so we don’t subscribe to gender stereotypes. My current favourite Soft Spot shade is Hojicha!

How do you incorporate your Soft Spot items into your parenting journey?

The Soft Squares and Bibs are our daily must-have now with our newborn! Before he came along, Soft Squares were also used as hand towels in our restrooms — so happy they now come with a wider tag for a better hang!

I personally love the Soft Swaddles as a post-shower towel. It’s so light and dries super easily, great to carry along to the pool too. We also have some that we use as a cover for our newborn’s baby nest and bassinet!


My toddler has been sleeping on the Soft Sheets — I recently bought more to use on our second crib once our newborn transitions out of his bassinet. What we personally love most about our Soft Spot items are just how easy it is to wash and (air) dry. Makes (modern) parenting that much easier!

What are some things that you are cherishing at this stage of parenthood and why?

Parenting is filled with so many “blink and you’ll miss it” moments. I’m in constant awe at how much they’re growing and developing every single day and I wish I could record and bottle up these precious moments to look back on in the future.

Right now, I’m fully enjoying how expressive my toddler has become. He’s recently been able to string full sentences and it’s been so fun and so wonderful to communicate with him: to understand his likes and dislikes, and get a glimpse of the person he will be in the future. Similarly, my newborn has also become a lot more vocal of late. I’ve been spending time talking to him to encourage his increasing interest in expressing himself!


What is your Soft Spot staple piece and why?

If I could pick just one Soft Spot piece to keep and keep on gifting, it’ll be the Soft Swaddle. We’ve used it in multiple ways in our household and it’s definitely something that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family!



What we picked:

Soft Swaddle - Hojicha

Soft Quilt Blanket - Edamame

Soft Sheet - Cloud

Soft Swaddle - Rose